What we do


Destination Succès is designed to help at risk youth that have succumb to depression and anxiety to rise above their circumstances by creating an oasis for education, healing and growth. This program serves as a conduit for change and promotes social emotional learning to prepare scholars for the future.


Destination Succès will help build scholars into higher achievers by providing mental health resources, self-help tools, conflict resolution, resources and tools for higher learning and building strong healthy relationships.


Destination Succès help scholars achieve their life goals by offering parents and siblings of family members with depression encouragement, mental health resources, educational workshops, and social emotional skills needed to givw their scholar support and stability to expand and grow in areas that may have hindered the scholar’s education. Destination Succès is designed to cultivate the family and restore the scholar’s confidence by helping create a healthy family envirionment.



Published by Alicia Neal

Alicia is a wife, mother and minister. Alicia has been married to her husband Rodney for sixteen years and they have 5 beautiful children together. In 2005, Alicia was diagnosed with depression. Her world felt dark and hopeless and there seemed to be no way out. After years of praying to the Lord, she finally received the breakthrough she had been waiting for. Although she still battles depression, God has given her the strength to live life beyond her pain by encouraging and teaching other women how to live beyond their pain with devotionals, podcast and most important, through God’s word. In Alicia’s spare time, she loves to read, write, and collect black & white film noir movies. When the time allows, Alicia loves to shop, cook and spend time with family. The biggest item on her bucket list is to one day buy a camper and drive across country to meet new people and to live life at its fullest. ~Life is a celebration. So let’s celebrate it often.~

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