A Jewel to Remember

The Angelletta Collection

Her Story

Angela was a beautiful soul with a beautiful mind. Her fight with Schizophrenia proved how beautiful her mind was. Angie (what we called her) was a mother, sister, and friend to everyone she met. Her smile was full of grace, her laugh was infectious, and her soul was as pure as gold. Angie was always on the go. She worked a full-time job, held offices within her church, drove the cutest little car, and took on the responsibility of living on her own. Inside this powerful soul was an ugly illness that tried to destroy her completely. The woman everyone knew and loved was fighting to stay sane, she was fighting to stay relevant, she was fighting to stay strong, Angie was fighting to stay alive.

Angie overcame obstacles that others in her condition could not face. When society said she could not, Angie said “I can.” When people questioned her sanity, she questioned their loyalty and raised the bar on determination. Her gift to herself and her family was a box filled with hope. A hope that fought, a hope that endured, and a hope that won. Sadly, our beloved Angie died six years ago due to health conditions. The Angelleta Collection is a reminder of her faith, her strength and her will to fight. To wear a bracelet in her honor is to wear the hope she so often fought to keep. Angela Darlette Murphy, we miss you and we thank you for showing the world how a beautiful mind fought to function in this beautiful world.

“Nobody can save you but yourself, and you’re worth saving. It’s a war not easily won, but if anything is worth winning then this is it.”

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