Destination Succès

 Destination Succès is designed to mentor young ladies, young men, and family members who battle depression and anxiety to rise above their circumstances by creating an oasis for education and emotional support. Destination Succès also mentors at risk youth who need guidance so they will have the proper tools to be successful in life. This program serves as a conduit for mental and emotional change as well as build self-esteem and teach self-love. Endangered youth and youth who have succumb to depression are less likely to transition successfully into adulthood and achieve economic self-sufficiency. Without the proper education, training and hygiene classes, the youth and their families will have a hard time becoming mentally, physically, and socially prepared to function in society.

Destination Succès prides itself on making sure every youth have a guidance positioning system (GPS) which will lead them in the right direction where they can be successful in all areas of life. Students who are at-risk of dropping out of school or pursuing a higher education later find that depression and anxiety is the leading cause of lack of interest in school or connecting to a toxic environment.

Destination Succès offer scholars and families the opportunity to become educated on depression and bridge the gap that keeps them broken by allowing depression to become a stigma in their environment. Destination Succès is designed to cultivate the mindset of the young ladies and young men and support them and their family in becoming better parents and students by educating them about depression. When youth are emotionally supported, they can be successful in life by getting better jobs, pursuing a higher education, and maintaining life skills.  Destination Succès will help at-risk youth, young ladies and young men, and family members with depression achieve education, self-help tools, conflict resolution, along with building strong, healthy relationships.


The goals for Destination Succès are to educate at-risk youth, youth that have succumb to depression and anxiety, and their families on how to live life beyond mental illness. The proper education will help young ladies and young men become responsible, hard-working people in society all the while having moral values, high self-esteem, self-love, and self-respect. Destination Succès will teach children and families how to build long lasting relationships with family, neighbors, teachers, and friends, as well as personal relationships.

Destination Succès will challenge the mindset of the youth and their families by educating them about depression and motivating them to think beyond their skillset which will remove all mental barriers so they can grow and flourish.  The final goal of D.S. is to help young girls, young boys and their families live a successful life by turning their past failures into future hope and build a support system that will last a lifetime by completing the program and coming back to volunteer and show the love and support that was given to them.

The goal of Destination Succès is designed to educate, enhance social-emotional skills, build self-esteem, and make education a priority in the life of at-risk youth and youth who battle depression. Students are having a hard time coping to their environment which has led to an increase in depression and suicide attempt.

Destination Succès’ goal is to help families work through mental illness by helping them with basic needs due to depression and job loss. Needs like mental health education, entrepreneurial workshops, resources for therapy, medication and other mental health needs, bus passes or gas cards to search for employment, toiletries, and groceries which will help families maintain a healthy household.

The goal of families with at-risk youth is to support them by referring them to counseling agencies, hands on mentoring, educational resources like tutoring and financial literacy. Support like food, bus passes or gas cards, and toiletries, will not only help families to stay healthy but will reduce juvenile delinquency and gang participation by at-risk youth and improve academic performance of at-risk youth. These essential necessities will decrease the onset of mental illness and   reducing the dropout rate for at-risk youth.

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